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Secure your Construction Site

In an ideal world, our renovations would be completed before the famous construction vacation, during which time about a quarter of Quebecers are on vacation. But if your work has to be interrupted, how can you secure your site

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Flipping Houses

Which individual or construction entrepreneur, skilled in several fields, never thought of buying a property, renovating it and selling it !! The answer is many. It is not that this practice is illegal or prohibited, on the contrary, but

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Water Infiltration

You have carried out works for a customer in the height of summer when the weather was nice. There was not too much rain, and everything seemed well done, the ground was leveled, and the edge of the house

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Study during the Covid-19

What is certain today about the Covid-19, the period of confinement may be a little longer than what we had all imagined. The Government of Quebec is doing everything in its power to protect the population and the Government

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The Covid-19 is at the heart of everyone’s daily concerns. You should know that only time can give us the exact figures, the damage to the economy and the time it took to get through this crisis. If this

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The question that all apartment building owners wanting to do maintenance, arise is;  Do I need a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec if I want to do myself or give at contract various maintenance or renovation

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Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are a hit with homeowners or businesses who find this type of flooring very strong and much more elegant than simple cement. As an entrepreneur you have decided to offer this service and as it is a

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