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What you need to know...

All our Trainings are Tax deductible 100%

We Complete the License Application Forms, No Fee*

Our Online Training is Exempt from Taxes


RBQ Compétence is a company entirely dedicated for several years to the training of any natural or legal person to obtain a Specialized or General Contractor license required by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec.

Our primary Goal is to offer you all the Services you need in one place, professionally and at the best price, eather for starting your business, for obtaining an RBQ license, or for a simple license security bond.

Whatever your need, our customer service will answer all your questions so that you are well prepared and that you can fully understand the various stages of the licensing process or for any other required services work.  We are there for you!  LEARN MORE ...     




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Services offered
We offer you a multitude of services, whether you need training or not, at a more than competitive price.
  • Incorporation Services & GST-QST Application
    (In collaboration with a recognized Law Firm)
  • Company Registration Services
  • Security Bond Offer
  • Application for a License under Quebec-Ontario agreement
  • Free Training for the CNESST providers
  • We complete any Request to the Regie whether or not you join one of our trainings
Inquire at 1-855-543-0778
Your business, located in Ontario, plans to do Business in Quebec and requires an RBQ Contractor License ... you could obtain it in 72H
We offer an Incorporation and opening of the GST-QST file performed by members of the Quebec Bar, at the best price and within a delay that can be as fast as 24H
Security Bond offered without additional management fees and discounts offered to our customers
As a Supplier recognized by the CNESST, if you are a service provider and wish to become an RBQ Contractor, you could be eligible for a Free Training




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