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Information on the RBQ exam in Project Management

The management of any construction projects is the fundamental basis for high customer satisfaction, for obtaining future contracts and ensuring the profitability of a company.

The project management exam, regardless of the nature or scope of the project, covers all the planning and organization of financial, material and human resources in order to satisfy the terms of a contract.

The goal of good project management is to have a job well done, cost effective and timely. Ultimately, everyone is benefiting and the conditions are met. So, it will be question of measurement, quality control, building code, schedule, etc…


Purpose of exam


The person who succeeds the exam can act as guarantor in Project and Site management for all construction works of all subcategories of licence except the one for civil engineering sub-sections 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7.


Information on exam

  • Duration: 3 h 00
  • Passing grade: 60 %
  • Languages offered: French or English
  • Type of exam: multiple choice

Presentation of exam


The Project and site management exam covers the following subjects:

  • Legislation and regulation;
  • Cost estimates and bids;
  • Reading and interpreting plans and specifications;
  • Management of construction activities.

By Project and Site management is understood the planning, the organization, the direction, the management of construction activities and the (human and material) resources for a contract production in accordance with the tender documents and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Responsability of the Construction Site

Our training in Project Management

Our RBQ Project Management Exam preparation course is available in a Guide or Online version.  If you opt for the online version, you will have unlimited access to training, 24h/ 7 and an interactive preparatory examination to resume at will.  The two training options give you the chance to study in the comfort of your home, to have access to up-to-date and corrected content according to the modifications made by the RBQ, to benefit support service by phone until the obtaining your license and the turnkey service for your registration and departure in business.  In the event of bankruptcy or criminal record, we will be able to evaluate your situation, in complete confidentiality, in order to know if you are eligible for a license application.

Our courses include a Study component of the concepts specifically required by the Régie du bâtiment as well as an Examination component comprising questions similar to those proposed at the exams of the Regie, notions of calculations, points of laws, and regulations.  All information, explanations and calculation development necessary for a good understanding of the notions of study is also provided.

This exam is mandatory and required for all license applications from the Régie du bâtiment and covers all sub-categories of license.  The Régie requires, for the purpose of obtaining a license, that the candidate be 18 years of age or over at the time of writing the examinations.


Choice of Training:  Online or with Guides

Choice of Language:  English or French

Online Access:  24h / 7

Support:  by Phone or Email, from purchase to license

Training hours:  27 hours

Success Rate:  100%



For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to serve you!

Online: $ 260
Training Guide: $ 330
** Note that with the purchase of study guides, you have access to online training.
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