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License Surety Bond - General or Specialized

License RBQ Surety Bond - General or Specialized

A license Surety Bond, required by the Régie du bâtiment, is a financial guarantee obtained from an insurer, an association or a financial institution, issued to a contractor for obtaining an RBQ license that will guarantee the fulfillment of its contractual obligations towards its customers.

The amount of surety required by the RBQ is :
$ 40,000 for a general contractor’s license
$ 20,000 for a specialized contractor’s license

This bond is mainly intended to compensate customers who have suffered damage as a result of the non-performance or execution of construction work carried out by the contractor and resulting from down payments made, non-completion of the work, poor workmanship and defects discovered during the year following the end of the work.

GCR Surety Bond - Fraud and Embezzlement

GCR Surety Bond - Fraud and Embezzlement

The GCR Surety Bond for Fraud and Embezzlement is mandatory for contractors wishing to hold an RBQ license for the construction of new homes or new condos. This deposit comes in addition to that requested for the Guarantee Plan.

The amount requested for this Surety is $ 20,000.

GCR Surety Bond - Guarantee Plan

GCR Surety Bond - Guarantee Plan

A Surety Bond for the GCR Guarantee Plan is compulsory for contractors wishing to hold license subclasses 1.1.1 for the construction of new houses up to 5 units and / or 1.1.2 for the construction of new condos of 4 storeys and less.

New home buyers have been protected since January 2015 by the Residential Construction Guarantee and benefit from protection for up to five years following the purchase of their home.

In order to be eligible for the GCR guarantee, entrepreneurs will have to complete an accreditation application and present a financial guarantee of a minimum of $ 125,000 for a new case without experience.

Some options available for the presentation of the requested financial guarantee are: by immovable or movable mortgage, by bank letter of guarantee, insurance bond, etc.

OPC Surety Bond - Itinerant Trader

OPC Surety Bond - Itinerant Trader

The OPC Surety Bond is mandatory in order to obtain an itinerant merchant permit. In construction, those most likely to be subject by this bond are roofing, door and window, and gutter contractors.

It guarantees compliance with your obligations to consumers whether for bankruptcy, business closure or unfinished or contracted and unrealized work.

The amount requested for this bond, for each contract over $ 500, is $ 100,000. If you hold a specialized license from the RBQ, the bond will be reduced to $ 80,000 and for a general license the bond will be reduced to $ 60,000.

Surety Bond - Bid and Execution

Surety Bond - Bid and Execution

The Bid Bond is committed to the owner to ensure that the contractor who bid will actually sign the contract, in accordance with his bid. The purpose of this bond is to prevent frivolous bids or bids made by contractors unable to honor the contract they are offering.

Such a submission is often accompanied by the commitment of the bond to provide the execution surety bond, and the one for payment of labor and materials, if these are required when signing the main contract.

In this contract, the surety undertakes to the owner to complete the execution of the construction contract signed by the contractor, in the event that the latter, once the signature of the contract has been affixed and the work has started, neglects to complete them.

These surety bonds require a thorough analysis of your financial situation as well as that of your business.

Liability Insurance - Civil, Errors & Omissions, etc.

Liability Insurance - Civil, Errors & Omissions, etc...

Corporate liability insurance helps secure the sustainability of your business in the face of major risks. You damage a client’s car or house during excavation work, modify a wall in the basement and the ground floor collapses, or you install bathroom furniture and you smash the plumbing causing water damage – these are just a few examples of where you could be sued.

Corporate Liability insurance protects you and your business against claims for bodily injury, or property damage caused to third parties, attributable to your business, products or place of business.

This insurance can be tailored to your needs since you could add coverage for * Errors and omissions for any fault or accidents occurring during the work or another for * Tools to insure your tools against theft. Coverage for * Criminal acts is also available to protect you against losses related to embezzlement, theft and fraud, and finally * Directors and Officers’ liability insurance covers damages related to wrongful acts committed in the performance of your duties, such as: faults, errors and omissions, negligence, breach of duties, misleading statements or any other act that could be invoked against you in your capacity as a director or officer.

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The surety bond is a financial guarantee that the entrepreneur obtains from an association, an insurance company or a financial institution to guarantee the performance of his contractual obligations to his clients. Some surety bonds are easily accessible by a simple application such as the one for the RBQ license or the one of the GCR for fraud and embezzlement.

But the itinerant merchant surety bond and the bid and execution surety bond will require a thorough analysis of your financial situation, your assets, and the financial condition of your business. All of these aspects will be checked and very often, despite holding multiple assets, if your liabilities are significant … your chance to get these surety bonds will be complicated. But if your situation is balanced, you will often be given a bond in the form of a line of credit.

The important thing to remember from the Suretyship is that the Contractor’s obligation is direct in the sense that he is bound to repay any sum that the surety has paid on his behalf under the indemnity and security agreement signed at the openning of the file.

Therefore, it is essential to choose an experienced broker for any type of deposit, but more with those that are difficult to obtain. A broker working mainly with this type of surety bond will know how to manage the file, guide you and rigorously and constantly monitor your activities in order to avoid unfortunate situations that arise very quickly.


Companies in the construction industry are affected by a number of responsibilities, including civil liability. Indeed, in this area risks can arise at any time during the work, hence the interest of being fully insured.

The liability insurance policy protects the company against personal injury or property damage caused to the customer by the activities, products or work of the contractor. This also covers damage attributable to advertising or personal damage as well as court fees that may be applicable for the defense.

The great thing about commercial liability insurance is that it will be tailored to your business needs. In addition, holding it can often prevent bankruptcy if you find yourself in a situation where an accident would be unable to be financially covered by your business.

Like the itinerant merchant bond, liability insurance requires an analysis of your situation, but it will be very thorough the higher the amount of the insurance gets.

The important thing to remember about Liability Insurance is that the contractor’s obligation is limited to the deductible payable agreed upon enrollment and that any amount paid by the insurer will be covered by the insurance policy.

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