No RBQ License Required

Travaux sans licence RBQ

Very often, future entrepreneurs wonder if the performance of tasks within their company requires a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Quebec. As each company is different from another, even the one offering essentially the same services, the best way to know if you need to hold an RBQ license is to contact the RBQ or a competent organization that may be able to give you the right information. Is an RBQ license required ?

Is my company required to hold an RBQ license ?

Obviously, since everything is never really, black or white, especially with the RBQ, we are going to give you a list of activities that does not require any license. What should be remembered first and foremost is that an RBQ license is basically required for any construction, so normally anything that affects a building.

It is for this reason that when we talk about household, for example; Home maintenance, chimney sweeping, landscaping maintenance or even paving, no license is required. But it is necessary to do the difference with chimney sweeping including repair of the pipe, in this case, the license is required. Another example, for paving or excavation services are required, the license will also be required. Basically, as soon as you need to use a tool to do an intervention in a client’s home … you need a license.

Other situation where the license will not be required; You own a commercial building and you want to perform work (yourself) listed in the subclasses of schedule III or, you find yourself in a situation where volunteering is allowed for maintenance and repair, again, no license will be required.

What to ALWAYS keep in mind is the fact that just because no license is required in a given situation, does not mean that CCQ competency cards will not be required.

Here are examples that do not require a license :

  • Concrete pumping
  • Consultation by a professional for construction work
  • De-icing and snow removal, in particular on roofs, bridges, electrical transmission towers, roadways and sidewalks
  • Delivery of construction materials
  • Excavation of rock in a quarry to collect materials
  • Felling of trees
  • Garbage removal along public roadways
  • Inspections (all types)
  • Installation of self-adhesive film
  • Management of quarry operations
  • Management of sanitary landfill operation
  • Mowing of grass (in particular along public roads)
  • Street cleaning (except if this cleaning is preliminary to construction work)
  • Testing to measure air flow, level of lighting, combustion, pressure, etc.
  • Water supply (temporary)
  • Work carried out at a mobile plant, such as the production of asphalt or concrete and rock crushing

The thing to remember… even with this list, you might find yourself in a situation that does not require any license… Inform yourself!

You want to know if a license is required … contact us, we’ll be happy to analyze your situation.

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