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Why Choose the incorporation?

Many people ask themselves the same question when time comes to evaluate the choices available for the creation of their business; Should I choose a natural person type of business, or should I go for incorporation?

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Self-construction and the RBQ License

Many wonder what self-construction in Quebec entails, what rules are in force if a person wishes to build a house, a chalet or any other building in order to live in it, or for another member of the family?

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RBQ Continuing Education

From April 1, 2022, holders of specific license subclasses will have to keep their knowledge up to date to take into account normative, regulatory and technological changes.

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Garantie Construction Résidentielle. Many of you have heard about it, but many entrepreneurs ask the following question … What is the purpose of this guarantee? For the buyer, this guarantee offers them protections, but in our blog we will

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Travaux sans licence RBQ

No RBQ License Required

Very often, future entrepreneurs wonder if the performance of tasks within their company requires a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Quebec. As each company is different from another, even the one offering essentially the same services, the

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Insurance and Surety Bond

Often entrepreneurs have difficulty understanding what is required for obtaining a contractor’s license in insurance matters and again, the question that arises is whether this bond insurance will be sufficient to cover damage that could occur on a construction

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Many people have lots of questions about asbestos such as; What is it really, is it dangerous for health, what to do in the presence of asbestos, what happens with the price of my home that is for sale

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Company, License and CCQ

As seen in our previous blog, the self-employed worker has several choices to make especially if he wants to do business in the new residential sector and/or in the commercial sector. But what about other choices and consequences?

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