Secure your Construction Site

In an ideal world, our renovations would be completed before the famous construction vacation, during which time about a quarter of Quebecers are on vacation. But if your work has to be interrupted, how can you secure your site to avoid damage and theft?

How to secure your site before the construction holidays?

Store valuables and tools under lock and key.

It is important not to leave tools or objects lying around that could be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. Make sure they are stored in a lockable toolbox.

Close or block access to the holes.

This will limit the risk of someone falling and being injured. Sometimes it’s just locking a door or putting a padlock on a fence to secure the place.

Install a temporary guardrail if the work is carried out at height.

Again, to prevent someone from being injured, we will make sure that the job site is as safe as possible while the workers are away.

Turn off the water (if possible) to minimize the risk of damage.

Is your work in a part of the house or in a new home where it is possible to shut off the water? This is the best way to make sure there is no leakage or damage.

Keep away from any flammable material or material that is not fire resistant.

It is one of the objects and materials to be stored under lock and key.

Install billboards to signal hazards.

“Access prohibited”, “Danger”, or even just “Warning”: a sign will help to inform family members and visitors that they should not approach.


Safety on a construction site:

  • Enclose construction sites or install protective walls and put up posters to prevent access;
  • Secure openings (windows and floors) to protect the interior of the construction from bad weather and eliminate the risk of falling;
  • Cover excavations, if applicable;
  • Remove, where possible, all means of access (ladders) to buildings under construction;
  • Leave the sites clean, no debris or material should drag on the ground;
  • Do not leave any tools on site to avoid theft or breakage;
  • Check heavy equipment and devices such as mini-loaders, backhoes, excavators and park them on level, solid ground and at a certain distance from excavations. Remember that it is forbidden to leave a lifted load when the controls are abandoned.

Security for an establishment:

  • Plan the time and staff required to clean the premises, leave the place clean, free of materials or waste on the ground;
  • Unplug or close electrical machinery, equipment and tools;
  • Control the temperature of the premises;
  • Check your fire safety equipment and other alarm or protection systems to make them functional;
  • Do a final pre-departure inspection to make sure everything is in order.

You can leave with peace of mind … GOOD HOLIDAY!

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