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At RBQ Compétence.ca

We now offer you the choice of Online Training. This training is the same as that which we already offer you, in a book version, and it is accessible at the hours that are convenient to you via a computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone. Ideal for people who are constantly on the move. Your access is guaranteed as long as you haven’t obtained your contractors’ license. Our online Training, as well as our training with Guides, ensures you, the help with registration, support and Success.










Always an excellent choice at RBQ Compétence.ca

As always, we offer you the opportunity to get a Training with Study Guides in the comfort of your home during the hours you choose. This proven training allows people who do not have access to a computer or simply prefers books for their training, to study and take notes directly in the guides.
Our training with Study Guides, as well as our Online training, ensures you, the help needed for registration, support and ultimately Success.








temoignages formation


I took this training, for gc, because I knew that I would be able to study on my own.  But, to my big surprise, the training was so well organized and structured and there is many questions to practice with before the exam, that I was boubly pleased with my choice.  And could not forget to mention the super service that we get, always available, clear and precise, and always happy even if we have many questions.  I don't regret my choice at all.  Thank you !!

John J.
John J.
Montreal, Quebec

I knew I would want to give a review on the training and service at the end of the RBQ processe witout knowing if it would be good or bad.  But now that I went trought everything and got my licence, my review will be that if you are motivated and ready to put some hours in studying, because where ever you will purchase your training you will have to study, this place is the best.  They take care of all, they are there for us and the price is afordable...so don't hesitate to go with them !!!

Robert D.
Robert D.
Gatineau, Quebec

I found out about this training by my friend who himself got his general contractor license with RBQ Competence, so I decided like him to choose this company for obtaining my license.  Could not be happier with the product, the service, the speed of the service offered.  I'm just really pleased with the whole thing.  Thanks !

Dan V.
Dan V.
Sherbrooke, Quebec

I heared that the company was giving services even if you don't purchase the training, so, I chose them for the registration of my company and for the mandatory security bond for obtaining a license.  I only needed to have my competences recognized to obtain my license (exam already done 10 years ago) and by choosing this company they even took care of the registration documents for the RBQ.  The service was fast, friendly and at a good price.  I chose them at first for the price, to find out the service was Super!

Julie R.
Julie R.
Granby, Quebec

If you are looking for well done training guides that will do the job of getting you a license, do like me ... Very satisfied!

Josh W.
Josh W.
Mascouche, Quebec

I was not sure if training guides would be sufficient to go over all the material to be studied, but finally I had more then needed, the information’s are clear and when I was finished with the 4 guides I had more then enough theory to get my license.  It comes with more then one guide for the execution of work exam and also the contruction code so, I was ready.  The best part, the have everything in english too!  Thanks

Stephan K.
Stephan K.
Vaudreuil, Quebec

I needed to do the training online, in english and fast and I got all of that and more because they started my company and took care of all the paperwork for the RBQ.  What can we say more than, it the best place to get your RBQ license.  Thank for the great service!

Suzy B.
Suzy B.
Laval, Quebec

Got the online training cause did not want to go out for classes, so I've studied from home at night and it was perfect. The English version is a very good translation and the training is easy to learn. Got my License, Very happy!   

Simon H.
Simon H.
Beauharnois, Quebec

I just cannot tell you how happy I am to have done business with your company to get my license.  No hassle, good results, best price and efficiency ... It just says it all.  Thanks!

Jessica K.
Jessica K.
Pointe-Claire, Québec





Our Trainings



Administration formation


The administration within a company is paramount for any entrepreneur wishing to be at the head of a company in rules with the different standards, profitable and prosperous.



online $230   /   with Guides $235



gestion de projet


The management of any construction projects is the fundamental basis for high customer satisfaction, for obtaining future contracts and ensuring the profitability of a company.


online $235   /   with Guides $245


gestion de la securite


Security affects everyone.  And whether you are an entrepreneur, a worker, a supplier or a simple visitor, the rules to follow are important. 



online $230   /   with Guides $235



entrepreneur general


A general contractor is the resource person on any construction site. He has the skills needed to oversee project management and ensure the safety of all.  Building Code Included.  


online $475   /   with Guides $495



3 areas of qualification 

Training specialized license rbq 3


This training includes the 3 qualification areas such; Administration, Safety Management and Project Management for obtaining a Specialized Contractor License and covers the 13 subclasses included in Schedule III.



online $595   /   with Guides  $635

online   $695  /  with Guides  $715



3 areas of qualification

Training General Owner Builder license rbq 1


This training includes the 3 qualification areas such; Safety Management, Project Management and Working out of Construction Work for obtaining a General Owner-Builder License and covers subclasses 1.2 and 1.3 of Schedule I.

In addition, this purchasse includes a paper version of the Construction Code.



online $855   /   with Guides $890

online   $940   /  with Guides  $975


4 areas of qualification

Training general contractor license rbq 2


This training includes the 4 qualification areas such; Administration, Safety Management, Project Management and Working out of Construction Work for obtaining a General Contractor License and covers subclasses 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.2 and 1.3 of Schedule I.

In addition this purchase includes a paper version of the Construction Code.



online $995  /   with Guides $1035

online   $1 170  /  with Guides  $1 210





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check bleu   Support 7 Days / Week by Phone or Email

check bleu   A choice of Training;  Online or with Study Guides

check bleu   A choice of Languages;  English or French

check bleu   Business Start-up at the Best Price

check bleu   Security Bonds at the Best Prices

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