Epoxy floors are a hit with homeowners or businesses who find this type of flooring very strong and much more elegant than simple cement. As an entrepreneur you have decided to offer this service and as it is a minor modification you wonder if a license is needed?

Although this transformation is actually minor, you must hold a license from the RBQ including subclass 9 of Schedule III. A general contractor could perform or subcontract all work related to epoxy floors and this also applies to the specialized contractor.

In addition, if this work is done on a commercial or new residential level, you must also hold (you and your employees) the competency cards of the trade being performed;

  • Painter,
  • Cement finisher ou,
  • Maneuver.

(Each in specific conditions in order to be able to perform the work)

If you have questions to make sure you follow the law, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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