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Starting your Business

We offer a business start-up service to any construction company or other wishing to do business in Quebec and / or elsewhere in the rest of Canada.

We offer; the Incorporation of a company (done by lawyers of the Quebec Bar), the registration of a natural person or general partnership, the corporate taxes file registration, the license security bond and liability insurance for your company. Insurance products are offered by a reputable insurance company.  All services offered are fast, professional and of high-quality .


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Individual Services

all the services that RBQ Compétence offers you are available as a set or you can simply apply for a particular service.  We will provide an estimate of the product requested and you will only have to compare.  Our services are offered at the best price and in the fastest time possible.  Give us a try and compare our prices ... you may be pleasantly surprised! 


An Incorporation made through our company is ...


• An Incorporation performed entirely by members in good standing of the Quebec Bar

• Discounts from partner network for star-ups

• An affordable price

• Radiation of your individual business recorded at no additional cost


Included :

✔️ Free delivery of your corporate book trhoughout Quebec

✔️ Search by name to ensure the availability of the name chosen

✔️ Request of incorporation with the Enterprise Registrar

✔️ Certificate of incorporation within 24 hours

✔️ Quality corporate book

✔️ Equity description with 8 categories

✔️ Organization resolutions

✔️ Rules

✔️ Share certificates

✔️ Corporate registers

✔️ Corporate taxes file registration (add. fees)


The incorporation service and all that it includes will be completed by a law firm working mainly in the field of incorporation of companies. We offer you this firm because they are trustworthy, efficient and very competent in this field.




A Business Registration made through our company is ...


• A Registration with the Registraire des Entreprises du Québec

• The choice of Sole or General Partnership type of business

• Multiple choices of the name for your company

• An affordable price and a high-quality service


Included :

check bleu Search by name to ensure the availability of the names chosen

check bleu Request of registration with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec

check bleu  Obtaining an NEQ number (Quebec corporate business number)

check bleu  Service can be done in less than 24 hours

check bleu Corporate taxes file registration (add. fees)


The Registration service and all that it includes will be completed by our services working mainly in the field of company registration.  Choosing our services is opting for peace of mind and satisfaction.

You are not sure of the choice of constitution of your company, a simple call and you will be able to make an informed choice in order to start your project.




The License Security Bond and the Business

Liability Insurance


• The license security bond is offered at the best price with no brokerage fee, ever

• The Business liability insurance will also be offered at a competitive price

• We work in partnership with a reputable insurance company

• Fast and courteous service


Offered :

check bleu Security bond for your specialized or general license

check bleu Business liability insurance or all other insurance for your business

check bleu Fast service

check bleu At the best price







Service to CNESST providers


• The service is offered only to CNESST providers (see conditions)

• We take care entirely of your RBQ file


Included :

check bleu Training for the specialized or general contractor license

check bleu The license security bond

check bleu The amount payable to the Régie du bâtiment du Québec for the first year

check bleu Registration or Incorporation of your company

check bleu Corporate taxes file registration

check bleu No charge for you and we take care of everything







License Application Service under the

Quebec-Ontario Agreement


• The company can avail itself of the agreement under certain conditions (see conditions)

• A specialized contractor license can by issued in 24h


Included :

check bleu Complete the file with all the necessary documents for the application to the Régie du bâtiment

check bleu Presentation of the file to the Régie du bâtiment du Québec

check bleu Follow up of the file

check bleu Obtaining the requested license









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