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The License

Should you hold a Specialized or General Contractor License issued by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec and become a Guarantor?

Be aware that any residential construction or renovation requires an RBQ license and that sanctions are very important.

'' Anyone who contravenes the unlicensed work provisions is liable to a fine of $ 10,580 to $ 79,351 in the case of an individual and $ 31,740 to $ 158,700 in the case of a corporation. If, while holding a license, the holder does not hold the appropriate class or subcategory, the holder is liable to a fine of $ 5,290 to $ 26,450 in the case of an individual and 15,870 $ To $ 79,351 in the case of a corporation ''

Therefore, if you need to apply for an RBQ license, we will be pleased to accompany you to ensure that the requested license contains all the subcategories related to the work of your company.


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What is a guarantor?

 A guarantor is a person who gives guarantees on someone’s behalf.  The same applies to the guarantor of a construction company who becomes guarantor for it in one or more qualification fields, namely: Administration, Health and safety management on construction sites, Project and construction site management.  

Under the Regulation respecting the professional qualification of contractors and owner-builders, a Guarantor is:

1. a natural person doing business alone; or

    2. an officer of a corporation or a legal person.

If you are in the first situation, you are personally liable for compliance with the laws and regulations as well as the general situation of the company.
If you are in the second situation, you are responsible for the business towards the RBQ. Your role is therefore to represent the latter in the exercise of your duties.


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License security

 A license security is a financial guarantee that any contractor holding a licence must provide as a security for the performance of contractual obligations toward its clients.

For consumers, this requirement provides better protection as it ensures compensation for damages as a result of faulty performance or non-performance of construction work.

     The amount of security required is:

         ►   $ 20 000   for a specialized license (average cost $ 400 + brokerage fee - market price)

   ►   $ 40 000   for a general license (average cost $ 600 + brokerage fee - market price)

Our prices are lower than the market price and very competitive, contact us!

This guarantee is an important selling point for your clients: They benefit from increased protection when they entrust their work to a contractor with a valid license.


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