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Why is your training cheaper than the competitors?

Training with complete, quality and proven guides sent directly to your home eliminates all expensive material and management costs associated with group training.  So, you can benefit, in the comfort of your own home, a training as elaborate as that presented in class, for a lower price and succeed the exams.  In addition, we are always available to answer all your questions.


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Do I have to apply for RBQ license training if I want to purchase one of your offered services?

No, all the services we offer, incorporation, company registration, registration to taxes file, registration with the Régie for those who only have there skills to be recognized in order to obtain a license, and those who take advantage of the Quebec-Ontario agreement and that meet the registration requirements, and the license security bond are available to all entrepreneurs with or without purchase of training.


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If I purchase a training with the study guides, do I have access to the online version?

No. The purchase is for one or the other.  But for customers wanting to have both, paper and online version, we have a small fee allowing you to get both.  Contact us for more information.


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Can I buy the training guides in French and get the building code in English?

Yes, you can buy the guides in French or English and get the building code in the other language.  To do so, simply notify us when you will make your purchase.


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How can I get the Accord D Financing Offered in 6 installments?


Accord D is a simple and accessible financing for all persons holding a Desjardins product, such as a bank account or a Desjardins credit card.  If you have any of the Desjardins products listed and would like to take advantage of the Accord D financing, please contact us to learn how to proceed.  This funding is free of charge for you.


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How does the Interac e-transfer work and is there a user fee?

An Interac e-transfer is a means of payment by e-mail and you must have access to your financial institution's online services or go to the service counter in person to make a request. If you wish to purchase training and make a payment by e-transfer, contact us to know the procedure to follow.  This method of payment is free of charge for you.


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How long will I have to complete my online training?

As soon as you register for online training, your account information will be emailed to you and you will have access to the training for a period of 9 months.  If this period is not enough, we offer you an additional period of 6 months at no additional cost.  But our priority is to make sure the customer gets a license.


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