Customer Information : 2 Important Messages – November 3, 2022


To all our customers of the Quebec RBQ Office,

Please note that the RBQ Quebec office, has now moved. You must therefore present yourself for the exams at the new office located at the following address:


2500, blvd Montmorency

Suite 301

Quebec, Quebec

G1J 5C7


Dear Customer,

This message serves to remind contractors who hold or will hold an RBQ license, that the guarantors in the execution of work execution subclasses of Appendix 1, and certain subclasses of Appendix II, will have to follow continuous training per period of 2 years, depending on the number of hours requested individually according to your file by the RBQ.

The hours will vary between 16 to 32 hours. RBQ will advise, and has already advised since March 2022, by mail, each contractor in this matter by letting them know how many hours are requested.

These training courses are on the RBQ website and are offered only by authorized organizations.

You can have more detail by following this link:

For more information, please contact us!

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