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This message is an advertisement for those looking for a material supplier.

*** Note that we have no connection with this supplier. Let us know if he does not offer good service.

RenoRun is an equipment supplier like no other – all of our products are delivered DIRECTLY to the job site so contractors can save time and money. For small repairs (box of screws, garbage bags, etc.) as well as for large orders, we provide construction materials of all kinds delivered anywhere in Montreal and the surrounding area.

The service is available by opening an account and has no monthly fees. In addition, when the account includes large purchases, discounts may be applied without even having the PRO account. However, a PRO+ account is also offered, offering additional services for those who would need them, and is available for a monthly fee as mentioned below.

Here is a brief summary of the service to contractors that are part of the PRO+ program:

  • Priority prices – MINIMUM of 5% off on all our products
  • Unlimited same day scheduled deliveries
  • Free returns picked up on site
  • Boom and handling service to bring the materials

RenoRun is a Quebec company that is committed to supporting the new generation of construction entrepreneurs. The PRO+ program costs $199/month.

NOTE that the company offers our students a free month of the PRO+ service by mentioning that you are a student with us.

Contact information:

Phone: 1-844-736-6786



This message is an advertisement for those looking for an app for site and hour management.

*** Note that we have no connection with this supplier. Let us know if he does not offer good service.

Cloud management software for the punch (mobile or local time clock) by project or not, with timesheets, agenda, geolocation, multiple reports, form, etc.

We are very present in all sectors of construction activities as well as other types of companies, with more than 1,500 companies and 35,000 users and we are growing.

Here are some advantages and functions:

  • Export via Excel to accounting software and payroll services
  • (ex: Acomba, Advantage, Desjardins, Nethris, etc.)
  • Up to 50% reduction in timesheet management time
  • Very good tool for the digital shift (paperless, see PCAN program)
  • All reports (CCQ timesheets, projects, employee, payroll…)
  • Access foremen for validation/correction of timesheets
  • Add-on (TurboformZ) for form management
  • Agenda with management of a work schedule and service calls
  • Project and task management with calculation of project costs
  • No start-up costs
  • Accuracy of time worked and paid / week (generally saving 2 X 15 min per week / week)
  • Accessibility in off-grid mode
  • Secure servers in the cloud
  • Constant updating and continuous improvement of services
  • Unlimited technical support included

Price: 0 to 5 employees: $100 / month

Price: 6 to 25 employees: $180 / month

Contact information:

Phone: 1-844-903-7776


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