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The Quebec construction industry has adopted criteria for hiring workers to which construction companies must conform. The fundamental principle is competency, acquired through training and/or on-the-job experience.


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Journeyman competency certificate

Is for people who have demonstrated that they are qualified in one or another of the construction trades.


Apprentice competency certificate

Is for people admitted to a trade apprenticeship that lasts, depending on the trade, for 1 to 5 apprenticeship periods of 2,000 hours each.


Occupation competency certificate

Is for people working on construction sites as a labourer or specialized labourer.


Unless you require an occupation competency certificate (work as a labourer) and before you can obtain a Journeyman competency certificate (demonstrated learning periods), every individual must go through periods of apprenticeship training of 2000 hours each, varying according to the trade, having obtained a professional degree for the targeted trade and hold a job guarantee from an employer registered with the CCQ.  

If you would like to obtain an employer's certificate from the CCQ for your new business, please contact us to know the procedure to follow. We will be pleased to help you.

What to remember from the operating principle of the CCQ, if you work on a new construction site or if you perform work in the commercial or industrial sector; in addition to having the obligation to hold an RBQ license for the company, the person carrying out the work must have the competency certificate associated with the work performed.
 In addition, the CCQ also operates according to the following principle: A competency certificate by trade.

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